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This website does not promote nor glorify Nazi ideology. Krause Papierwerke specializes in reconstruction of that era's documents in historically accurate, objective manner and does not contain any political indoctrination. If you're sensitive to the subject, please navigate away!

Welcome to Krause Papierwerke where paper collateral from the Third Reich is a product of thorough research, aesthetic perfection and devotion to historical accuracy unmatched by other vendors! Whether you're trying to:

  • recreate your ancestor's documents,

  • enhance your WWII display with realistic collateral, 

  • get convincing paperwork for reenacting, or

  • find accurate period props as educational aid or move props, 

this website will provide items of quality you can't find anywhere else!

The items shown below are only tiny subset of the Krause's portfolio. Browse the menu above by theme or by specific award (for medal related paperwork). If you are a returning visitor check this page for what's new - it shows all items in order I add them (the newest first).