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Application to join NSDAP (NSDAP Antrag) from 1942 by no one else but the famous Ernst Leitz II - the owner of Leica company from Wetzlar, Germany. Signed by the applicant (Leitz) and stamped and signed by the Ortsgruppe leader of Wetzlar-Altstadt. 

He led the company from 1920-1956 (through the 12 years of Nazi-era). Leitz was an in relatively active opposition to the regime saving people from his local town of Wetzlar from Nazi prosecution. He hired them into his company, then helped emigrate and settle into the USA.

At the age of 71, in 1942 he joined the NSDAP in order to save his company from the takover by the state (happened to resisting airplane manufacturer Hugo Junkers).

Comes optionally with reproduction of autographed photograph; dimensions: 4x6inch (10x15cm).

Ernst Leitz - NSDAP Application

PriceFrom $4.50
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