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German Mother's Cross of Honor

Ehrenkreuz der Deutschen Mutter

The Cross of Honor of the German Mother (German: Ehrenkreuz der Deutschen Mutter), referred to colloquially as the Mutterkreuz (Mother’s Cross), was a state decoration conferred by the government of the German Reich  to honor German mothers for exceptional merit to the German nation. Eligibility later extended to include Volksdeutsche (ethnic German) mothers from, for example, Austria and Sudetenland, that had earlier been incorporated into the German Reich.

The decoration was conferred from 1939 until 1945 in three classes of order - bronze (for 4), silver (for 6), and gold (for 8 children). 

Krause's products portfolio includes full set rewarded mother would have received from the State:

  1. Official Deed of Conferral - early-war and late-war

  2. Presenation envelope (for bronze and silver, golden were delivered in a box)

  3. Congratulatory letter from the local NSDAP official with invitation for the award ceremony (good for Christmas-time awards)

  4. Photo ID (Ausweis)

If you're interested in full collateral, you can save some money by ordering the bundle (good for 2nd and 3rd grade).

Documents are customizable and would make a great addition to your display, or a present for any mother. 

Historical award dates (if you have a proof of any other date, I'd really appreciate you let me know!): 

  • 1939: 21-May, 1-Oct, 5-Nov, 24-Dec

  • 1940: 19-May

  • 1941: 18-May, 5-Oct

  • 1942: 17-May

  • 1943: 16-May

  • 1944: 21-May

  • 1945: 20-May (Yes, after the war was over! It's not a mistake)

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