Campaign Shields

Krimschild, Cholmschild, Ärmelschild Demjansk, Ärmelschild Kuban, Narvikschild, Lapplandschild

There were five glorious campaigns memorable enough to earn participants a dedicated metal emblem to be worn on a sleeve. They were referred to as Campaign Shields:

  1. Narvik Shield - award certificate

  2. Cholm Shield - request certificate

  3. Krim Shield - award certificate and presentation packet

  4. Kuban Shield - award certificate

  5. Demjansk Shield - award certificate

  6. Lappland Shield - award certificate)


Krause Papierwerke reproduces award certificates for the shields that will enhance your display, collection, or an award ceremony at your reenacting unit. 

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Krause Papierwerke is an initiative devoted to top quality, historically accurate, customizable reproductions of German paper collectibles. Based in California, USA.


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