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German Sniper

Marksmanship & Sniper Badge

Schützenabzeichen/Schützenschnur & Scharfschützenabzeichen

Marksmanship Badge awarded for accomplishment in shooting, for non-officers and only till Feb 1941. They were awarded in 8 classes (Stufen):

  • 1-4 for Infantry

  • 5-8 for Armored Troops

Krause Papierwerke offers award certificate for Marksmanship Badge

Sniper's badge was awarded to German snipers since September 1944 in 3 classes:

  • Third class (no cord) for 20 enemy kills

  • Second class (with silver cord) for 40 enemy kills

  • First class (with gold cord) for 60 enemy kills

Krause Papierwerke offers award certificate for Sniper's Badge, Sniper's Log Book and Sniper's Training Certificate

Documents are customizable and would make a great addition to your collection, display or a present! 

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