Pixel-accurate reproduction of Wehrmacht Sniper's Booklet (Merkblatt für Scharfschützen). 

It's a 16-page booklet with cardboard cover containing:

  • 3 pages of hints and reminders for a sniper,
  • certification of sniper training,
  • a few tables of practice shooting in different conditions,
  • award certifications of sniper badges (up to 3),
  • table of confirmed kills (60 positions for up to golden sniper badge) and
  • notes (incl. numbers for specialized equipment).


Booklet can be purchased blank, or stamped. Stamped version includes stamps and optionally signatures:

  1. Stamp & signature certifying completion of a sniper school
    • (optionally) provide school if different from Sniper School of Panzer Truppe IX.
  2. Stamp & signature certifying award of a Sniper Badge
    • provide unit of which stamp should be used for Badge award and grade of award (bronze, silver, gold)


Issued by Sniper School of Panzer Truppe IX, Erfurt. 


Sniper's Booklet (Merkblatt für Scharfschützen)