SS-only Items

SS-Ehrenring (Totenkopfring), SS-Julleuchter, Blutorden, Koburger Ehrenzeichen, SS-Ausweis...

  • Award Certificates

    • SS-Ehrenring also known as "Totenkopfring" was a personal award of Heinrich Himmler

    • SS Honor Sword (Ehrendegen Reichsführer-SS)

    • SS Long Service award was awarded for 4, 8, 12 , 25 and 40 (only in alternative reality)

    • Special and very rare awards related to the SS unit of Fee City of Danzig (Gdańsk)

    • Blood Order was one of the most prestigious awards of the Party. 1500 were originally awarded to participants of the failed putsch of 1923 (known as Beer Hall Putsch) - failed attempt of young Hitler to take over the power in Bavaria by force. Krause Papierwerke provides both award certificate as well as recipient's photo ID.

    • Coburg Honor Badge (Koburger Ehrenzeichen) was the first national NSDAP award established by Hitler. Awarded to ~650 SA-Men who fought and defeated communists and leftists on the streets of Coburg in 1922.

    • Anti-Partisan Badge - not strictly SS, but more often than not awarded to SS soldiers for fighting partisans on the occupied territories.

    • Close Combat Clasp - award document version for SS only  

  • Other SS documents

    • Letter- or card accompanying a Julleuchter - a Nordic-style candle holder which was presented to all SS members indiscriminately from 1936-1944. It was to be lit on the New Year's Eve every year. 

    • SS promotion document - with emulated seal with "Meine Ehre heißt Treue" and stamp of Reichsführer-SS.

    • Marriage permission for an SS-soldier. Yes, you need to ask!
    • SS Postcard signed by Himmler himself - "The morning of Barbarossa" (invasion of the Soviet Union)
    • Set of 12 SS-Men sketches by Wolfgang Willrich with Himmler's foreword - depiction of Aryan beauty


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