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SS-only Items

  • Award Certificates

    • SS-Ehrenring also known as "Totenkopfring" was a personal award of Heinrich Himmler

    • SS Honor Sword (Ehrendegen Reichsführer-SS)

    • SS Long Service award was awarded for 4, 8, 12 , 25 and 40 (only in alternative reality)

    • Special and very rare awards related to the SS unit of Fee City of Danzig (Gdańsk)

    • Blood Order was one of the most prestigious awards of the Party. 1500 were originally awarded to participants of the failed putsch of 1923 (known as Beer Hall Putsch). Krause Papierwerke provides both

    • Coburg Honor Badge (Koburger Ehrenzeichen) was the first national NSDAP award established by Hitler. Awarded to ~650 SA-Men who fought and defeated communists and leftists on the streets of Coburg in 1922.

    • Anti-Partisan Badge - not strictly SS, but more often than not awarded to SS soldiers for fighting partisans on the occupied territories.

    • Close Combat Clasp - award document version for SS only  

Also check out SS Heroes & Villains Collection by Krause.

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