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Customizable reproduction of award document for Honor pin of SS-Heimwehr "Danzig" (Ehrennadel der SS-Heimwehr "Danzig").

Pin was awarded on 10 October 1939 to members of the aforementioned SS unit from Danzig (Polish name: Gdańsk). Unit was established on 20 June 1939 (before the war) and fought on German side in invasion of Poland. Later it was incorporated into 3rd SS Totenkopf Division. 

The certificate comes signed and stamped. It can also be completed with the name and rank of the receipient you select. This will be filled out on an original SS typewriter according to your request. 


Check out my award certificates for SS-Heimwehr "Danzig" Ausweis (ID) and Danziger Cross as well if you're interested in this unique SS unit. 

Honor Pin of SS-Heimwehr "Danzig"

PriceFrom $5.00
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