Payments accepted


Free of charge payment methods supported:

  • For US customers: Zelle transfers - free of charge payments supported by most of the banks in the US. ​

    • You will name and email address needed for the transfer listed in Payment part of the checkout process

  • For European customers: direct bank transfers in GBP or EUR

    • You will find bank account numbers listed in Payment part of the checkout process


Why the limitations:
Due to difficulties raised recently by payment processing companies (related to the dominant subject of Krause Papierwerke products) I was forced to remove option of credit card and PayPal payments from this website. While I realize these are the most popular and convenient ways to pay, there are other options that on top of being more private, are completely free of charge both for me and my customers. 
Since 2021 the pressure on monitoring internet content for topics related to extremism has increased significantly. Main social platforms, but also companies processing payments have implemented automated screens of the content raising flags where a specific text or images are found. These sites, either completely automatically, or after a review by poorly qualified, low cost employee somewhere in the world, are blocked. The measures are firm and appeals don't work. Funds are locked for the period of up to 12 months and further services are terminated with immediate effect and with little to no explanation.
Taken the above, I hope you understand my motivation to end doomed cooperation with aforementioned companies. 

I hope the limitations will not stop true history enthusiasts from using Krause Papierwerke services.

Oberst Krause.