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Payments accepted


From the second half of 2022, Krause Papierwerke stopped accepting credit card payments. The payments for orders need to be done after the order is placed through other (free of charge and anonymous) ways listed below. 

The order confirmation email you'll receive after completing your online checkout, will also instruct you what to do. If you didn't get one within seconds/minutes, check your spam folder for a message from"krausepapierwerke".

After I record the payment, I will mark the order "paid" and move it into fulfilment queue.

​​​Why the limitation:

1. Content screening for political correctness

Since 2021 the pressure on monitoring of internet content for topics related to extremism has increased significantly. Main social platforms, but also companies processing credit-card payments (PayPal, Square, Stripe, Wix, etc) have implemented automated screens of the website content, raising flags where a specific text or images are found. These sites are blocked, either automatically, or after a quick review by poorly qualified, low cost employee somewhere in the world. The measures are harsh and appeals aren't even possible. Funds are locked for the period of up to 12 months and further services are terminated with immediate effect and with little to no explanation.

As this site is swarming with swastikas and infamous names, its nature and mission can be easily misunderstood. Because of this I was forced to remove option of credit card payments from this website. While I realize these are the most popular and convenient ways to pay, there are other, more direct, more private and completely free of charge options! 

2. Excessive greediness of semi-monopolized finance sector

In days of cash, it would circulate changing hands indefinitely keeping its nominal value. Baker would pay a farmer $100, then the $100 would be spent by farmer at grocery store for $100 worth of goods, then the grocer would pay it to a dress maker for a $100 worth of clothes. Now, after ~30 exchanges like that all of the $100 is in hands of the bank.

To give you an idea, Visa, owning 52% of credit-card transactions charges ~3.5% in transaction fees. The "work" they need to do to authorize $1 or $1000 transaction is the same (fixed fee would be more fair), they take a proportionate cut. They revenue from fees alone is  $9 670 500 000 per year (or $314 each single second). That topped by other fees gave them 17.3 billion dollars profit in 2023 after paying fat bonuses to their executives (CEO $28 million in 2022). Other 48% of the market owned by competitors, doesn't seem to be moving the needle in lowering the cost of services, as all 4 of them seem to be fine with the status quo. The credit card processing fees have been steadily increasing over the last several decades (despite technological advancements!). "Swipe" fees have more than doubled in the last decade!!!

3. Privacy concerns

As you know all your credit card transactions are logged forever associated to your purchase. While direct cash transfers are not only free of charge, but also offer complete anonymity. It's should be nobody's business where you spend your money.

Free of charge and privacy-friendly payment methods supported:

  • For US customersZelle bank transfers - free of charge payments supported by practically all US banks.

    • ​My "name" and "email address" are needed for the transfer. They will be mentioned during the Payment phase of the checkout​​​ and included in the order confirmation email. Zelle is immediate, completely safe and free both for you and me.

  • For European customers: direct & free bank transfers in GBP or EUR

    • You will find Krause's UK and German bank account numbers mentioned during the Payment phase of the checkout process and again in the order confirmation email you will receive after ordering. 

  • If neither method works for you, ​you can still use PayPal, but only in "Friends & Family" mode. as this is not screened by the company. I included a couple of screenshots from for those who need some guidance on how to make "friends & family" transfer.

I hope this inconvenience will not stop true history enthusiasts from using Krause Papierwerke services!

Oberst Krause.


How to do PayPal "friends & family" transfer:

Login to your account and 

  1. Select "Send" and type in krausepapierwerke.paypal@... address as in screenshot #1 below

  2. Enter the amount due in USD ($) and your order number from order confirmation email (screenshot #2 below)

  3. Select "For friends and family" and press Continue (screenshot #3 below)

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