Anti-Aircraft Badge

Flakabzeichen / Flak-Kampfabzeichen (LW)

When air supremacy of Luftwaffe started dwindling importance of ground anti-aircraft units started increasing. In summer 1941 a new badge was introducted - Anti-Aircraft Badge. It had two versions - one for units of the Army (Heer) and the other for Airforce ground units (Luftwaffe). 

Award criteria for Army were very interesting:

1. Crew got it upon accumulation of 16 points

2. One plane shot down was 4 points if you were the only battery shooting, otherwise you split the points

3. Commanding officer of a group of batteries would only get one, if >50% of his unit had it (that's so cool!)

Airforce badge could be awarded also for destroying ground targets (e.g. tanks or bunkers). Famous 88mm AA-gun was great for that purpose. 


Krause's Flakabzeichen collection includes:

  1. Heer-Flakabzeichen award certificate

  2. Flak-Kampfabzeichen (Luftwaffe) award certificate

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