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Close Combat Clasp


The Close Combat Clasp was hard to earn and highly respected. Instituted on 25 November 1942 and awarded in 3 grades:

  1. bronze (Stufe I) for 15 close combat battles (awarded 33 400 times),

  2. silver (Stufe II) for 30 battles (awarded 9500 times)

  3. and gold (Stufe III) for 50 battles (631 times) - less than Oakleaves to Knight's Cross!

The required number of days in combat would be reduced to 10, 20 and 40 respectively in case of the soldier got wounded in battle.

Krause Papierweke offers:

  • Award document - generic version for any service branch

  • SS award document - specifically designed for SS with the SS runes pre-printed

  • Carton in which the clasp was presented (on request)


Krause Papierwerke reproduces award certificates for the Clasp that will enhance your display, collection, or an award ceremony at your reenacting unit. 

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