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Anti-Partisan Guerrilla Warfare Badge


The long name in English is in Germans "Badge for Fighting Bandits" (Bandenkampfabzeichen).  Quite notorious, as often involved killing innocent civilians (just in case).  Instituted on 30 January 1944 was awarded in 3 grades:

  • bronze - for 20 combat days against bandits

  • silver - for 50 combat days against bandits

  • gold - for 100 combat days against bandits

Luftwaffe colleagues had to spend 50% more time in dedicated missions to earn the same (30, 75 and 150 days respectively). Well, the partisans rarely had anti-aircraft weapons, so it was much less dangerous for air-crew.

Krause's Anti-Partisan collection includes:

  1. Anti-Partisan Badge Award Certificate

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