Called in English "Anti-Partisan Guerrilla Warfare Badge", while Germans called it simply Badge for Fighting Bandits (Bandenkampfabzeichen). 

Quite notorious, as often involved killing innocent civilians (just in case). 

As with all certificates of Krause Papierwerke you can get this one blank, or completely personalized with data you provide including selected unit stamp and officer signature! For SS units will be filled out on original SS typewriter.

For historical accuracy it should not be issued before 30 January 1944. 


You will certainly enjoy it! Makes a display or a gift complete!

Anti-Partisan Badge (Bandenkampfabzeichen) - Certificate

Filled out
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    Krause Papierwerke is an initiative devoted to top quality, historically accurate, customizable reproductions of German paper collectibles. Based in San Jose, California.


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