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The Army Anti-Aircraft Badge or Army Flak Badge (German: Heeres-Flak Abzeichen) was a German military decoration awarded to German Army personnel for service in an anti-aircraft battery during World War II.

Award criteria were very interesting:

1. Crew got it upon accumulation of 16 points

2. One plane shot down was 4 points if you were the only battery shooting, otherwise you split the points

3. Commanding officer of a group of batteries would only get one, if >50% of his unit had it (that's so cool!)

As with all certificates of Krause Papierwerke you can get this one blank, or completely personalized with data you provide!

Consider getting it on aged paper for added display-value!

You will certainly enjoy it! Makes a display or a gift complete!

Army Anti-Aircraft (Flak) Badge

PriceFrom $4.50
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