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When ordering Krause Papierwerke award certificates you can get them on aged paper for even more authentic look. This is a great option to dramatically improve your WW display. 

To have your ordered certificates aged, please count how many you ordered and add "Aged Paper" in desired quantity to your shopping cart. E.g. if you ordered Iron Cross and Wound Badge certificates and would like them look aged, add 2 "Aged Paper" items to your shipping cart on top of the two aforementioned products. 

The aging is done by pre-printing texture of an old paper before certificate is printed. It does not physically damage the paper. For added authenticity you can fold, crample, tear them or punch holes on the side when you get it. 

As WW2-period documents aged to a very different level depending on kind of paper they were printed on, but maily depending on the storage condition (humidity, temperature), Krause Papierwerke gives you a choice of different patterns stretching from extreme wear to subtle signs of age. 

Aged Paper (only for award certificates)

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