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Beautiful award certificate for a very rare Danzig Cross (Danziger Kreuz, aka. Kreuz von Danzig).

Awarded to those who contributed to building up the Nazi Party in the free city of Danzig (Polish name: Gdańsk). 

Only 88 first class crosses and 253 second class crosses were awarded (most of them in a ceremony on 24 October 1939) which makes them one of the rarest decorations of the Third Reich. 

The certificate comes with printed on image of the award (emulating embossment). Signed by hand by Gauleiter Forster. Can be completed with name of the receipient you select (choose filled-out version and provide name and optionally rank in comments).


Check out my award certificates for SS-Heimwehr "Danzig" Ausweis (ID) and Danziger Cross and SS-Heimwehr "Danzig" Honor Pin as well if you're interested in this unique SS unit. 

Danzig Cross

PriceFrom $5.00
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