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Photo ID document for a member of SS-Heimwehr Danzig (Dienstausweis der SS-Heimwehr Danzig).

ID was issued by Gauleiter Albert Forster to all members of SS unit from Danzig (Polish name: Gdańsk). Unit was established on 20 June 1939 (before the war) and fought on German side in invasion of Poland. Later it was incorporated into 3rd SS Totenkopf Division. 

The document comes blank or completely filled out.

Filled out version will be signed, stamped, filled out on an original SS typewriter with picture printed on a photo paper and stampled to the ID. It will also include a glued on validity stamp for the month of August. 

For the filled out version please provide:

  • ID document number (from 1 to 1550, depending on conscription date)
  • SS rank
  • First and last name
  • Place and date of birth
  • Date of conscription into SS-Heimwehr Danzig (recommended between 20 June and 31 August 1939)
  • Height and weight (will be in metric system)
  • Color of hair and eyes
  • Body type (athletic, slim, chubby)
  • Shape of face (slim, round)
  • Distinguishing marks (optional)
  • SS Number (recommended 6-digits)

Please send these details to along with best resolution picture you wish on the ID (preferably in SS uniform). 


Check out my award certificates for Danziger Cross and SS-Heimwehr "Danzig" Honor Pin as well if you're interested in this unique SS unit. 

SS-Heimwehr "Danzig" Photo ID

PriceFrom $10.00
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