Beautiful, crisp and faithful reproduction of SS Ausweis (SS ID). Can be bought blank, with vailidity stamp only, or completely filled out (personalized), with picture printed on photo paper, stamps and vailidity stamp for any quarter from 1935-1945. Select a variant for enlisted man (Soldat), NCO (Unterführer) or officer (Führer). Filled out on an original SS-Typewriter (Groma). 

Instructions for ordering fully personalized version:

Choose "Filled out - yes" option and provide me with the following information in comments before adding item to shopping cart, or by sending me a message later:

  • name 
  • ss-rank 
  • ss-unit 
  • ID number
  • NSDAP number (optional for unteroffizier and enlisted)
  • date of birth (not for offizier)
  • date of ID issue
  • date of conscription (optional)
  • date of nomination to SS-Mann (optional)
  • riveted picture (optional)

Then email photo to 

I can also make data out, help you figure it our, or even provide you with one of the ID-s from pictures above.


SS Ausweis