A soldier of Wehrmacht needed a permit to get married. Krause Papierwerke offers two kinds

  • permission for regular army soldier (signed by his commanding officer)
  • permission for SS soldier (issued by NSDAP Reichsleitung, department of race and settlement)

Both of them can come blank, or filled out on a period typewriter to your specification, properly stamped and signed (choose filled-out option for that).


For filled out version please provide:

  • for regular army:
    • name, rank and unit of the soldier
    • name of the lucky bride to be
    • name, profession and place of residence of her father
    • date of issue of the permit
  • for SS :
    • name and rank of the soldier
    • his date and place of birth
    • his place of residence
    • the same as above for the bride to be
    • date of issue for the document


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Marriage Permit for a Soldier

Filled out
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