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Faithful, accutate reproduction of SS Truppenausweis (predecessor of Soldbuch). Can be bought

  • blank,
  • with validity stamp only,
  • or completely filled out (personalized), with picture printed on photo paper, stamps and glued-on quarterly validity stamp for any quarter from 1935-1945. Filled out on an original SS-typewriter (Groma). 

Instructions for ordering fully personalized version:

Choose "Filled out - yes" option and provide me with the following information in comments before adding item to shopping cart, or by sending me a message later:

  • name 
  • ss-rank 
  • ss-unit 
  • date and place of birth
  • date of ID issue
  • date of conscription into  Waffen-SS
  • height, weight
  • body type (slim, rounded, muscular)
  • face shape (round, oval)
  • hair and eyes color
  • optionally promotions (up to 3): from rank, to rank, date
  • optionally SS number

Then email photo to 

I can also make data out, or help you figure it out.

SS Truppenausweis

PriceFrom $10.00
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