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The early edition of SS Ausweis (SS ID) from years 1933-35. Three different variants for

  • green for officer (SS-Führer)
  • blue for NCO (SS-Unterführer) and
  • yellow/orange for enlisted 


Can be purchased

  • blank,
  • with quarterly validity stamp only, or
  • completely filled out, with picture on photo paper, stamps and vailidity stamp for any quarter from 1933-1935. 


Caution - unlike the later version, this one will not use sieg runes but simply "SS". The symbol 


Instructions for ordering fully personalized version:

Choose "Filled out - yes" option and provide me with the following information in comments before checkout, or by sending me an email later:

  • first and last name 
  • SS-rank 
  • SS-unit 
  • SS number
  • NSDAP number (optional, not all were party members)
  • date and place of birth 
  • date of ID issue and desired quarter for dues stamp

After ordering please email photo in best possible quality to


History of the SS symbol:

Two sieg runes were adapted into the emblem of the SS in 1933 by Walter Heck, an SS Sturmhauptführer who worked as a graphic designer for Ferdinand Hoffstatter, a producer of emblems and insignia in Bonn. Heck's simple but striking device consisted of two sig runes drawn side by side like lightning bolts, and was soon adopted by all branches of the SS – though Heck himself received only a token payment of 2.5 Reichsmarks for his work. The device had a double meaning; as well as standing for the initials of the SS, it could be read as a rallying cry of "Victory, Victory!". The symbol became so ubiquitous that it was frequently typeset using runes rather than letters; during the Nazi period, an extra key was added to German typewriters to enable them to type the double-sig logo with a single keystroke.

SS Ausweis - early version (1933-35)

PriceFrom $10.00
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