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There were 2 candles to be burnt on Yulfest - one for the inside of the candle-holder (Julleuchter) and one to be placed on top of it. The smaller, white candle would be burnt before the new year, and larger, yellow (made of beewax) would be burnt in the first hour of the new year.


You can choose one, or both boxes, as well as empty boxes, or sets with candles.

  • large (green) for the candle on top, optionally with the right size bee-wax candle
  • small (gray) for the inside-candle, optionally with the small candle inside


Note: the boxes require selection of "rigid envelope" (US), or "international tracked package" (for the rest of the world), as they are not flat.


Other Julfest items available from Krause Papierwerke:

Yule (Julfest) Candle Boxes

PriceFrom $15.00
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