Accurate and realistic reproduction of field-printed Sniper Badge award document good for all 3 levels:

  • 1st for 20 kills
  • 2nd for 40 kills
  • 3rd for 60 kills 

Comes blank or filled out (personalized).

Personalized version will be filled out on a period German type-writer with data you provide, will have a required stamp and awarding officer signature (recommended Regiment-level).

For realism keep the dates between September 1944 and May 1945. 

Sniper Badge - Award Certificate

Filled out
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    Krause Papierwerke is an initiative devoted to top quality, historically accurate, customizable reproductions of German paper collectibles. Based in California, USA.


    If there's something you'd like to see here and it isn't, let me know! If it can be researched, it can be done!