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Mother's Cross Photo ID (Mutterkreuz ) is the ultimate addition to your collection! Especially if personalized to the woman of your choice with picture and personal data! Along with envelopes, congratulatory letter from NSDAP offcial and elegant A4 cerfificate (deed of conferral) this ID completes the Mother's Cross set as it would be given to the happy mother back then. 

It's 4 pages booklet that can be purchased:

  • blank (optional signature and stamp come for free - mention in the comments if desired), or
  • fully customized to a woman of your choice 

If you choose personalized / filled out option, the picture you send me will be printed on a photo paper and attached in the ID!

For personalized version, please provide in the comments:

  • woman's first, last and maiden names
  • place and date of birth
  • place of document / award issue (e.g. Berlin, Munich)
  • date of issue
  • grade of award (bronze, silver, gold)

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Last page includes instructions on how the cross should be worn and how it shouldn't. Below is its translation:

Explanatory note on wearing the Cross of Honor


When is the Cross of Honor worn?
On all holidays (e.g. May 1st, Harvest Festival, Birthday of Führer, Memorial Day, as well as Easter, Pentecost, Christmas. Furthermore on family gatherings, weddings, funerals, etc.


How is the Cross of Honor worn?
Only with formal dress and on white-blue neck ribbon. Never on a necklace. 


What other possibilities there are to wear the award?
For a business attire white-blue bow with miniature cross, or just the bow can be worn (can be acquired in all relevant shops).


What is inadmissible?
To wear the Cross of Honor on a necklace or as brooch. To wear the Cross to work outfit. 


Who wears the large version of the Cross of Honor on regular days, demeans the award given by the Führer. For the work-day the above mentioned small model with a bow is appropriate. 

Mother's Cross - Photo ID (Ausweis)

PriceFrom $10.00
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