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Beautiful series presenting folk-costumes from all regions of pre-Anschluß Austria. Issued in 1934, shortly after assassination of Austrian chancellor Engelbert Dollfuß in a failed coup attempt by Nazi agents. 


Stamps can be purchased in land-specific pairs, or as a full series:

  • Burgenland: "Farmers wife on her way to the market" and "Horse herdsman"
  • Carinthia (Kärnten): "Girl from Glantal" and "Wedding inviter, Lesachtal"
  • Lower Austria (Nieder­österreich): "Girl from Wachau" and "Vintner from Wachau"
  • Upper Austria (Ober­österreich): "Farmer from Traun" and "Woman"
  • Salzburg: "Woman from Pinzgau" and "Woodcutter from Zell"
  • Styria (Steier­mark): "Girl from Alt-Aussee" and "Hunter"
  • Tyrol (Tirol): "Farmer and his wife from Kaisertal" and "Women from the Lower Inn Valley"
  • Vorarlberg: "Mother & daughter from the Montafon" and "Bride & groom from Körbersee"
  • "Vienna family" and "Kaiserschützen from Tyrol"


Note on the "Costumes" series: only the 18 stamps of this series you see above were originally issued in 1934. The series was later enhanced by 2 more stamps for 3 and 5 Schillings in 1936 - the stamps were not specific to any Land - "Agriculture: reaper & grain binders" and "City labour: construction workers". 

Austrian Stamps "Costumes" from 1934

PriceFrom $2.00
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