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Two series extension stamps from 1936. The stamps, unlike preceeding series from 1934, were not specific to any Land and presented "Agriculture: reaper & grain binders" and "City labour: construction workers". 


Here you can purchase these 2 stamps from 1936, or complete "Costumes" series from 1934 and 1936 (20 stamps in total)


The series from 1934 can be purchased indpependently here.

The original series from 1934 presented folk-costumes from all regions of pre-Anschluß Austria. 18 stamps in total, 2 from each Land:

  • Burgenland: "Farmers wife on her way to the market" and "Horse herdsman"
  • Carinthia (Kärnten): "Girl from Glantal" and "Wedding inviter, Lesachtal"
  • Lower Austria (Nieder­österreich): "Girl from Wachau" and "Vintner from Wachau"
  • Upper Austria (Ober­österreich): "Farmer from Traun" and "Woman"
  • Salzburg: "Woman from Pinzgau" and "Woodcutter from Zell"
  • Styria (Steier­mark): "Girl from Alt-Aussee" and "Hunter"
  • Tyrol (Tirol): "Farmer and his wife from Kaisertal" and "Women from the Lower Inn Valley"
  • Vorarlberg: "Mother & daughter from the Montafon" and "Bride & groom from Körbersee"
  • "Vienna family" and "Kaiserschützen from Tyrol"

Austrian Stamps "Costumes" from 1936

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