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Reproduction of autographed picture. On photo paper, dimensions: 4x6" (10x15cm).


Adolf Hitler - I don't think introduction is needed. If you don't know who he was, you're probably on a wrong site :-)


There are the following variants to choose from:

  1. Early picture of Adolf as a German Chancellor (likely 1933)
  2. Photo from Nuremberg Rally of 1934 (early style of signature with full first name)
  3. Photo taken during one and only visit to conquered Paris - signed by the Führer and Albert Speer
  4. Photo taken in winter in his most known Eastern Front headquarters Wolfsschanze (Wolf's Lair) in company of his loyal boadyguards from Führerbegleitkommando
  5. Picture taken in the last weeks of his life (March 20). His last public appearance to decorate members of Hitlerjugend defending Berlin. Here facing brave young man Alfred Czech, aged 12, who saved twelve wounded German soldiers. 

Alfred Czech's story:

Czech's home in the Silesian village of Goldenau, now in Poland, was on the front line. Seeing a group of German soldiers under fire and wounded in a Red Army grenade attack, the young Alfred jumped on to his father's farm-cart and rode to the rescue.

On his first foray, he brought back eight wounded men. On his second he rescued four more. "Even at 12, I was an enthusiastic supporter of Hitler," Mr Czech said. But, he added: "I got the soldiers away from enemy fire more out of a sense of duty to my fellow men. I didn't do it for Hitler. I would have saved Russians or Poles in a similar situation." A few days later, a German general appeared at the Czechs' family farm. He told the parents to get their son ready for a trip to Berlin.

Adolf Hitler - signed photos

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