DRK Ausweis from Krause Papierwerke! Another pixel-accurate reproduction of a 3rd Reich document available. Comes blank, with validity stamp only, or filled out. Personalized (filled out) version comes filled out on period German typewriter, stamped with appropriate 2-color DRK stamps, your picture on a photo paper and a reproduction validity stamp.

Good for doctors, nurses and Helferinen.


For filled out version please provide in comments:

- frist and last name

- DRK rank (see below)

- birth place and date

- address

- city of issue (stamps will be customized to your choice of the city!)

- year of the validity stamp (40/41, 41/42 or 43/44)


Ranks for Women:

  • DRK-Generalhauptführerin
  • DRK-Generalführerin
  • DRK-Oberstführerin
  • DRK-Oberfeldführerin
  • DRK-Feldführerin
  • DRK-Hauptführerin
  • DRK-Oberwachtführerin
  • DRK-Wachtführerin
  • DRK-Haupthelferin
  • DRK-Oberhelferin
  • DRK-Vorhelferin
  • DRK-Helferin
  • DRK-Anwärterin


Ranks for Men:

  • Generalhauptführer
  • Generalführer
  • Oberstführer
  • Oberfeldführer
  • Feldführer
  • Hauptführer
  • Oberwachtführer
  • Wachtführer
  • Haupthelfer
  • Oberhelfer
  • Vorhelfer
  • DRK-Helfer
  • DRK-Anwärter

Red Cross Photo ID (DRK Ausweis)

Filled out
Note about extra training
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    Krause Papierwerke is an initiative devoted to top quality, historically accurate, customizable reproductions of German paper collectibles. Based in California, USA.


    If there's something you'd like to see here and it isn't, let me know! If it can be researched, it can be done!