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Beautiful, exact reproduction of Hitler Youth Member ID (Hitlerjugend Ausweis) for Hitlerjugend (HJ), Bund Deutsche Mädel (BDM), or Deutsches Jungvolk (DJV). 

Comes blank or filled out (personalized) to your specifications. If you wish - I can come up with all the data and photo, too. 


Personalization in includes:

- fully filled out (you provide the data, or if you prefer I can make it all up)

- photo attached and stamped (any Bann/Gebiet!) - can be your photo, or one from my collection

- membership fees stamps (up to 10)

- all needed signatures and stamps


Data for filling out:

- HJ, BDM or DJV?

- Bann/Gebiet

- Name and address

- Dates: birth, HJ joining and document issue

- optionally - changes of Bann (date and unit)

- optionally - changes of address

- photo - best quality you can - send it to


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When selecting the number keep in mind the historical membership figures:

1923 - 1,200 members
1925 - 5,000
1930 - 26,000
1932 - 107,956
1933 - 2,300,000 
1936 - five million
1940 - eight million

Hitler Youth Member ID (HJ/BDM Ausweis)

PriceFrom $10.00
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