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Hard-cover, 50 pages book for members of NSDAP. Elaborate, pixel accurate reproduction of 1933 edition of the book. Authenticity highlights:

  • stitched with a thread with saddle stitch, just like the original
  • cloth covered hardcover (matched thickness and stiffness)
  • gold eagle debossed on the cover
  • matched color and texture and transparency of the paper inside


It can come to you:

  • blank, but with NSDAP Reichsleitung stamp and signatures of Adolf Hitler and Franz Xaver Schwarz (NSDAP Treasurer) on page 8 (they'd be there for all members), or
  • the same as above, but additionally with you photo pasted on page 9 and stamped over with the same Reichsleitung rubber stamp 


This book was issued from 1933-1935 and has space for 12 years of membership dues stamps, which basically makes it usable till the end of the Nazi Germany. Owner who joined NSDAP in years 1931-1934 would be most likely to have this version of the book (issued after 1 year of membership). Even members who joined earlier could have it, in case they lost their book in any way and had it reissued between 1933-35.

Before the first anniversary of joining (and often longer), members would have a membership card (check 2nd generation of available from Krause). 


You can make it more complete by purchasing stamps:

  • dues stamps
  • donation stamps (for Party Rally - Reichsparteitag)


1933 issue book (unlike subsequent 1935) did not have space for Hilfskasse  stamps. These would be pasted on a dedicated Hilfskasse Card


Various stamps and Hilfskasse cards Available from Krause Papierwerke NSDAP collection


Coming ~ July 2022!

1933 NSDAP Membership Book (NSDAP Mitgliedsbuch)

PriceFrom $59.00
  • Please email me the electronic version of your passport photo(s) in best possible resolution to after finalizing payment for the order. No need to make it black&white - I can make it period accurate.

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