Pixel-accurate reproduction of NSDAP Hilfskasse card (Quittungskarte) for you! 

These cards were used by members for the first 2 years of their membership before they had their book issued. They became obsolete in 1939 when 30Pf. fee for Hilfskasse was incorporated into membership dues stamps.


Card can be filled out for you on a period German typewriter with data you provide and NSDAP Ortsgruppe stamps appropriate for your address. For filled out version please provide:

  • name and address (street, town)
  • date of the issue for the document (close to date you joined NSDAP recommended)
  • optionally: NSDAP membership number (I can get one likely depending on your joining date, they were often left out, especially on typewritten documents)
  • optionally: Ortsgruppe if you know (otherwise I'll make a guess based on your address)


The two variants available are

  • early (for cards issued 1931-35)
  • late (for cards issued 1936-39) - in yellow/creme and blue variant


You can also select option with pated dues stamps for 6 months (6 stamps). You can purchase more stamps separately here!  If you want to know more about NSDAP membership dues check out my blog article on that topic!


NSDAP membership throughout the years to help you pick the right number:

  • 1919: 55 
  • 1921: 3.000 
  • 1923: 55.287 
  • 1928: 96.918 
  • 1930: 129.563 
  • 1933: 849.000 
  • 1935: 2.493.890 
  • 1937: 2.793.890 
  • 1938: 4.985.400 
  • 1939: 5.339.567 
  • 1942: 7.100.000 
  • 1943: 7.600.000
  • 1945: 8.000.000

NSDAP Hilfskasse Card

Filled out
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