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Beautiful reproduction of Kennkarte for a German Jew. Originals were printed on either linen, or yellow cardstock, this one is printed on yellow cardstock.


For non-personalized version you will get:

  • blank document
  • and optionally (please let me know!) fingerprints printed on


You can add 3RM revenue stamp for extra fee. It is included in personalized variant. Whiler Germans could have the fee reduced, Jews could not. For historical accuracy this stamp should only be applied to Kenkarte from area covered by Prussian police (most of Germany except the south and Austria). If your place of issue is not in this area, by default I'll not apply the stamp - if you want it regardless, please let me know in the comments.


For personalized variant you will get:

  • your picture printed and stapled to the document
  • 3RM issue fee stamp (glued to the document)
  • all details filled out on a period German type writer
  • finger-prints printed on
  • all stamps and signature of local issuing authority


Make sure you provide me with the details in comments (I can help you) and also a electronic version of picture I'll print on photo paper and affix onto the document (send it to 


You may add "Evakuiert" stamp onto it, which would mean the persons had been "resettled" East (free option - mention in comments)


Hints for realistic photo:

  • don's smile, keep your head straight and proud 
  • not necessary but recommended to look into the camera
  • most common were half-profiles (showing left cheek)
  • men: jackets or at least shirts and tie / bow-tie, 
  • women: no lose hair, shoulders covered
  • avoid casting shadow on the surface behind you

Kennkarte (Jewish version)

PriceFrom $10.00
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