Exact, pixel accurate copy of the testaments of Adolf Hitler - private and political.

Dictated to his secretary Traudl Junge on early morning hours of April 29 1945 in Führerbunker. A day before his suicide. Signed by the Führer and:

  • for Private: Martin Bormann and Colonel Nicolaus von Below
  • for Political: Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Martin Bormann, General Wilhelm Burgdorf and General Hans Krebs. 

The Private Testament is 3 pages long, the political, in two parts, is 10 pages. 

First page of each is decorated with the eagle with "Adolf Hitler" underneath (Adolf Hitler's stationery logo). 

Premium version is printed on fine white paper with gold-gilded logo on the first page of each. 

A (very) few typos with corrections you will see on them, are exactly what came out of the typewriter of Ms Junge. It's not Krause Papierwerke's doing. 

Can come with a signed photo of Adolf Hitler as a cool addition. 

Testaments of Adolf Hitler

Signed photo of the Führer
Reproduction of
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