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The Man in the High Castle - How to Build John Smith's Impression.

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

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About the series and the character

Many of you have watched the Amazon Prime series "The Man in the High Castle". For those who didn't, it's a series based on a novel that takes place in the alternative reality where Axis Powers won the war. The east of the USA is under German control, while the west under Japanese. The undisputed master of the western part is Obergruppenführer John Smith. An American officer who, after Nazis nuked the Washington and government capitulated, sided with Germans in the civil war that followed. Within 2 years (by1947) the Nazis won and the peace returned to the American continent.

John Smith is portrayed as a very shrewd, convinced Nazi, father of family and master of intrigue.

About John's uniform

As in every movie about Nazis, the creators chose to put him in a version of a stunning M32, black SS uniform. There were some modifications to it though:

  1. American Nazi Armband on the left arm. Half red, half striped with blue swastika in the middle. Clearly referring to the flag of the USA.

  2. Shoulder boards on both, not just the right shoulder.

  3. "New York Corps" cuff-title on left sleeve.

  4. Unique medals along with some historical ones.

  5. Medal ribbon bar with historical and fictional ribbons.

  6. M32 black SS general visor cap is standard, but instead of typical SS skull (Totankopf), there's a bizarre combination of regular army metal wreath with SS pin (rather than army cockade) inside of it.

Where to get the items you will need to recreate John Smith's impression

Most of the items you will need (the historical ones) are readily available from numerous sources. Below I will describe what you need and where to find it. Some unique items, I could not find anywhere else, are now available from Krause Papierwerke. Browse the products on the page devoted to "The Man in the High Castle" or check items below.

Main uniform elements (top to bottom)





Est. cost

M32 SS General visor cap

Numerous, just google it.

Make sure to get general's. Officer's will be very similar, but have white piping instead of silver. Pick one with late insignia (eagle). Best don't go for "saddle" form.


Cap insignia