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Knight's Cross of German Order of Victory - neck order from "The Man in the High Castle"

Available in 2 versions:

  • budget (shiny finish, less accurate, one-sided)
  • premium (more accurate, antique silver finish, two-sided)


Working on impression of Obergruppenführer John Smith from "The Man in the High Castle"? Great opportunity to take your M32 SS uniform out and decorate it with the set of perfect medals from the famous TV series. Check my article on how to complete the impression here.


Practical hints:

  • Premium version comes with velcro strap you will want to cut in half and apply on both sides of the ribbon (try positions/sides first before you stitch the velcro onto the ribbon)
  • Put medal on the ribbon before applying the velcro (otherwise it may be hard to thread the medal through)
  • Trim the ribbon only after you apply velcro and try it on. Remember to add length to accomodate for the shirt collar and the tie. I recommend to measure ribbon's lentgth and velcro position with shirt and necktie on.
  • After cutting, burn/melt the ends of the ribbon with a lighter to prevent any potential fraying
  • To affix velcro to the ribbon, you can either stitch it, or use 4 staples (one near each edge of the velcro square)
  • If for any reason you need a new ribbon, order it from me here. Remember to multiply the 5" length to reach whatever length you need)


Other medals available:

  • Victory Cross 1st Class - left breast pocket below Golden NSDAP badge

  • Amerika Shield (right arm) - optionally stitched onto black felt for easy application onto the tunic's right sleeve
  • Blood Order 1962 - right pocket ribbon on daily uniform, medal on special occasions

The Man in the High Castle - 1947 Knight's Cross

PriceFrom $20.00
  • This item requires tracked shipping both for domestic and international customers. Upon checkout, please choose "Rigid envelope" (for US), or "International tracked package" (for the rest of the world)!

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