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Amazingly accurate reproduction of late, final edition of NSDAP membership card with embossed seal!


4th edition is most commonly seen for members joining from 1941-1945. 


For the first 2 years of membership new recruit would have such a card. It contained basic information anout the memeber and have place for membership dues stamps (for up to 4 years). Last page was an application for a NSDAP Membership Book that could be completed only after 2 years of uninterrupted membership (proven by the dues stamps pasted on the card)


Card can be filled out to your specification on a period German typewriter. The options for filling out are:

  1. Front page only - first page with data you provide and stamps like in the pictures (Gau, number, date and embossed seal of NSDAP Reichsleitung)
  2. First and last page filled out - the last page was an application for a membership book, so make sure you have membership due stamps for at least 2 years! The last page will come with a very unique, special fee stamp - 1RM for book issue overstamped with Ortsgruppe stamp.


You can also select option with glued in membership dues stamps for 6 months, or full year. You can purchase more stamps separately here! I will make sure they match, so pick any option. If you want to know more about NSDAP membership dues check out my blog article on that topic!


For filled out version please provide:

  • membership number (see guidelines below) - if you don't provide, I'll come up with one appropriate to the year joining
  • First and last name (optionally profession, esp. if you're ordering with stamps - I'll determine your salary and get the right value stamps)
  • Date and place of birth
  • Address (town and street), Gau & Ortsgruppe (if you know, otherwise I'll figure it out based on the address)
  • NSDAP joining date
  • (optionally) card issue date (recomended a couple of months after joining)
  • only if requesting filling out for the last page - profession and (if you know) Ortsgruppe


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NSDAP membership numbers across the years:

  • 1919: 55 
  • 1921: 3.000 
  • 1923: 55.287 
  • 1928: 96.918 
  • 1930: 129.563 
  • 1933: 849.000 
  • 1935: 2.493.890 
  • 1937: 2.793.890 
  • 1938: 4.985.400 
  • 1939: 5.339.567 
  • 1942: 7.100.000 
  • 1943: 7.600.000
  • 1945: 8.000.000

NSDAP Membership Card, 4th edition (NSDAP Mitgliedskarte)

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