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Hard-cover, 50  pages book for members of the NSDAP. Elaborate, pixel accurate reproduction of 1935 issue of the book. Comes with embossed NSDAP Reichsleitung stamps on page 8 and 9 (over your photo) and signatures of Adolf Hitler and Franz Xaver Schwarz (NSDAP Treasurer). 


1935 edition books were issued from 1935 untill 1939. They were issued after 2 uninterrupted years of the membership. Before the 2nd anniversary of joining, members would only have a Membership Card (check 3rd and 4th generation of cards from Krause) and Hifskasse Cards.  


As the book was issued since 1935 and had space for 10 years of membership dues stamps, it made it usable till the end of the Nazi Germany. Owner who joined NSDAP in years 1933-1937 would be most likely to have this version of the book.


You can make it more complete by purchasing stamps:

  • dues stamps
  • donation stamps (for Party Rally - Reichsparteitag)
  • Hilfskasse stamps (used till 1939)

All stamps are available from Krause Papierwerke's NSDAP collection


Notes of accuracy:

  • All pages pixel-accurate (nothing re-typed here!)
  • Paper thickness and size matched exactly. Paper texture TBD.
  • Pages stitched with thread with saddle stitch (not stampled, glues etc) 
  • Cloth hard cover of the same thickness rigidity as the original
  • Cover with hot-stamped gold eagle
  • Embossed NSDAP Reichsleitung seal for book's page  and your photo

1935 NSDAP Membership Book (NSDAP Mitgliedsbuch)

PriceFrom $59.00
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