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An excellent reproduction of saving stamps for KdF-Wagen Savings Booklet (KdF-Wagen Sparkarte). There are 3 variants available

  • 5RM: red (1938-41) or green (1942-45) - to cover mandatory cost of car and insurance
  • 4RM: purple - to cover optional costs of extras (i.e. convertible) and transportation

The 5RM stamps can be bought as a strip of 10 or as a whole block of 50. It happened frequently that the whole block was purchased at once (for RM 250) by wealthier individuals and pasted into a booklet after being cut in 2 halves) rendering boklet complete (5 booklets were needed for the car)


Originals had tiny, almost invisible DAF watermark and were embossed. These features are not reproduced. 



One could get the car by subscribing at Kraft durch Freude (KdF) and prepaying / saving at least RM.5 a week. For each RM.5 you would get a stamp for the savings booklet. 5 booklets later, the car was yours and you could hit the Autobahn!
It started in 1938 as a noble Führer's idea to allow any German worker to own a car. Hitler set a cost limit to 1000 RM (around 5 monthly salaries of qualified factory worker) and Ferdinand Porsche design it to fit in this budget. To learn more about the history, check my dedicated blog post.

KdF-Wagen - Saving Stamps

PriceFrom $5.00
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