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"The People's Car" - Volkswagen! Who doesn't know the Beetle!? 

A pixel-accurate reproduction of saving booklet ( KdF-Wagen Sparkarte) optionally with stamps documenting your pre-payed contribution. 

You can have the booklet filled out (on a German period typewriter), or blank. Additionally you may get stamps - 10 to paste into your new booklet, or the whole sheet of 50 for magnificent display!

You can get more stamps (also special stamps for transportation or convertible) here.

For filled out version please provide in comments:

- your full name (incl. maiden if woman)

- your address (town, street)

- place and date of birth (be at least 18 on date of issue!)

- do you have a driver's license? If so, what classes - 1 - motorcycle, 2 - truck (over 2.5t), or 3 - car (below 2.5t)

- your profession

- date of issue of the booklet (September 1938 - December 1941 recommended)

- version of the car - Limousine or Cabrio-Limousine (Convertible)

- (optionally) color of the car (in reality all were dark gray-blue)

- (optionally) delivery option - pick up from factory, or shipping

- (optionally) number of the booklet (1-5). If you want it to be second or later, provide additionally dates of first and last stamp for all previous booklets. If not given, I'll assume this booklet is the first one.

I will match a KdF rubber stamp to your selected location!


One could get the car by subscribing at Kraft durch Freude (KdF) and prepaying / saving at least RM.5 a week. For each RM.5 you would get a stamp for the savings booklet. 5 booklets later, the car was yours and you could hit the Autobahn!
It started in 1938 as a noble Führer's idea to allow any German worker to own a car. Hitler set a cost limit to 1000 RM (around 5 monthly salaries of qualified factory worker) and Ferdinand Porsche design it to fit in this budget. To learn more about the history, check my dedicated blog post.

KdF-Wagen - Saving Booklet

PriceFrom $10.00
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