Spot on reproductions of the Wound Badge award certificates.

It can come blank (with no type-writing not stamp/signature), or you can order it filled out on a period German typewriter with a stamp of Lazaret and signature of the awarding doctor.


Remember to provide me with desired information for personalized version in comments! In case of silver or gold grade, if received for multiple wounds, please list the dates of all wounds (3-4 for silver, 5 for gold). Both silver and gold were also awarded for a single wound, taken it was serious enough. Criteria are listed below:

  • for being wounded three or four times, or suffering loss of a hand, foot or eye from hostile action. Also partial loss of hearing, facial disfigurement or brain damage via hostile action.
  • for five or more times wounded, total blindness, "loss of manhood", or severe brain damage via hostile action, or awarded posthumously

Wound Badge - Certificates