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Recreation of SS Ausweis (photo ID) of Wernher von Braun. 


Wernher was the father of the Wunderwaffe V2 rocket (while in Germany) and Saturn rockets that propelled men on the Moon when in the USA working on Apollo Space Program. 

SS Photo ID of the precious German scientist who served both sides of the struggle and traded black uniform from Hugo Boss for a suit after the war. The original document has likely disappeared in the classified archives of American secret service, or was destroyed by von Braun himself before surrender.

This accurate recreation of the SS ID has real photo attached with metal grommets, is stamped by SS Abschnitt Ostsee (SS Sector for Baltic Sea) and bears signatures of von Braun and his bosses - Heinrich Himmler and Emil Mazuw. 


Check also von Braun's OKH Dienstausweis and signed photo in his SS officer uniform.

von Braun - SS Ausweis (ID)

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