Ulrich Graf's Blood Order recipient photo-ID with optionally:
  • letter from Adolf Hitler for Graf's 65th birthday
  • autographed photo from 1943 of Adolf Hitler and Ulrich Graf 


Who was Ulrich Graf?

He was a very early supporter of NSDAP. Joined in 1921 as member #2882. He gained fame during failed Beer Hall Putsch of 1923 when he, as Hitler's bodyguard, jumped in front of him when police started shooting. He got 5 (!) bullets meant for Adolf Hitler and despite serious condition survived to enjoy Führer's eternal grattitude.

After the Party was reborn in 1925, he re-joined with #8. He also joined ranks of SS as #26. He devoted the rest of his life to politics maintaining close relationship with Adolf Hitler. 


Ulrich Graf - Blood Order Photo ID

Letter & Photo
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