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German: Deutsche Olympia-Erinnerungsmedaille. A4 sized certificate to commemorate contribution to organization of hugely successful Olympic Games of 1936 in Berlin. As all other award certificates it can be filled out for you on a period German typewriter (personalized). 

There were 2 higher grade awards known as Deutsche Olympia-Ehrenzeichen 1st and 2nd class. This one is the 3rd grade. It was awarded to 54,915 people. 

When ordering personalized version mention name and 'job' (or rank if in uniformed-service) and date of award (sometime in 1937)

Certificate has emulated seal that instead of embossed (like originals) is printed on, though as you can see in the pictures looks very convincing!

Olympic Commemoration Medal - Certificate

PriceFrom $5.00
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