Access pass to the Reich Main Security Office in Berlin for Alfred Naujocks - special agent and senior SS officer. Pass signed by Reinhard Heydrich. Lightly aged for added realism. 


Alfred Naujocks - relatively little know officer of German Sicheheitsdienst (SD) - secret state security agency of Nazi Germany. The events he played crucial role in are like from a James Bond movie.

  • staged "Polish" attack on German radio station in Gleiwitz, which became excuse for start of the WW2 in Europe
  • captured (alive) two British SIS agents in the (back then independent) Netherlands and transported them to the Reich 
  • led counterfeiting of British Pound banknotes which were meant to destabilize British economy when mass-dropped over England (later were however used to pay for German foreign expenses)

Falling out of favor with his boss - Reinhard Heydrich, we was demoted to a private and sent to the eastern front with Leibstandarte SS AH. As his network among "old-Nazis" was wide and included Sepp Dietrich himself, he managed to survive and after assassination of Heydrich, came back to serve in SD ending his career in Denmark as SS-Obersturmbannführer.

Naujocks - Pass for Reich Main Security Office

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