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Exact reproduction of beautiful hunting license (Jahresjadgschein) valid for the whole Reich for one year!

It's a 4-page license with personal and validity data on the 1st page, table of game and respective protection/open season on the 2nd, additional notes on game protection and membership benefits on 3rd and finally firearm safety rules on the last page. 


It can be ordered blank and filled out (personalized).


Personalized version will include:

1. Photo you want printed on photo paper, stamped and attached with grommets (send picure with best possible resolution to

2. Stamps and signature of local police (issuing authority) - city of your choice

3. Stamps and signature confirming the payment of RM 60.50 (page 3)

For those filling out by themselves license fee was 50RM and insurance 10.5RM.

Hunting License (Jagdschein)

PriceFrom $10.00
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