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Certificates and picture of Matthäus Hetzenauer - top German sniper of WW2!

You can choose between two spot on, aged documents:

  • award certificate for Sniper's Badge1st class (Scharfschützenabzeichen 3. Stufe) for 60 confimed kills, or
  • Training certificate in Austrian snipers training school Seethaler-Alpe


The can optionally come with a black and white photo of the sniper.


Matthäus Hetzenauer shot at least 60 Soviet soldiers in 4 months following the training, before his 20th birthday. That earned him top sniper award already. Then he continued and killed at least another 285. When he died and went to afterlife in 2004, 345 angry Russian souls were waiting for him...

Hetzenauer - Aged Certificate for Sniper Badge + Photo

PriceFrom $9.50
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