Blood Order Award photo-Certificate with (optionally) autographed picture!


It tells the story of one of the most spectacular betrayals in history - 

Ernst Röhm has been nominated to the most prestigious Nazi award - the Blood Order (Blutorden) for participation in failed Munich putsch. There were around 1500 of them, all numbered, and he was supposed to receive number 1! Old and faithful comrade of Adolf Hitler, instrumental in acquisition of power in 1933. The Blood Order was authorized in March 1934, but before it was presented to him, the Night of Long Knives happened in which Röhm was murdered on the orders of his beloved Führer on July 1.


Two versions of the certificate are available -

  1. Signed by Röhm - that likely never happened
  2. Unsigned - telling the tragic story of sudden and brutal end to a friendship


The autographed 4x6 photo comes optionally. 

Ernst Röhm - Blood Order Photo ID

$25.00 Regular Price
$22.00Sale Price
Autographed Photo
Signed by Röhm
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