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32 pieces of clothing/equipment name-label with you name & unit on it. It's cotton and it's waterproof. What else would you need!

Usually the label would include: 1) Rank 2) Last name 3) Company & Regiment in respective rows.


Name label was mandatory before the war started, so the equiment and clothing would not get mixed up. Soldier would sew it to whatever piece of his garment, or equiment he could to make sure he's not wearing other guy's cap, or underwear when it came back from the laundry.

During the war many pieces were signed by hand. 


You don't need all 32 with one name? It's possible to share one order with up to 3 friends, or cover your multiple impressions! Provide names, ranks and units of all of them when ordering! If you don't provide quantities for each, they will be divided equally. 

Clothing and Equipment Name-Label (x32)

PriceFrom $15.00
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