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Perfect quality reproduction of very rare receipt for donation for the new  NSDAP headquarters in Munich in 1930 (Brown House / Braunes Haus). Signed personally by Franz Xaver Schwarz, the NSDAP treasurer. 

Can be purchased blank, or filled out (by hand in Sütterlin).  For filled out version please provide:

  • contribution amount
  • name of the donor (if woman, also marital status)


About the Brown House (Braunes Haus): the Munich mansion located between the Karolinenplatz and Königsplatz, purchased in 1930 by the Nazi Party to serve as the headquarters. Its namesake was the result of the early Nazi Party uniforms, which were brown. Many leading Nazis, including Hitler, maintained offices there throughout the Party's existence.

By 1930, the NSDAP headquarters at Schellingstrasse 50 had become too small (with the number of workers increasing from four in 1925 to 50 that year). In April 1930, Elizabeth Stefanie Barlow (widow of William Barlow, an English wholesale merchant) offered the Palais Barlow for purchase to Franz Xaver Schwarz, the NSDAP treasurer. A sales contract was signed on 26 May, with a purchase price of 805,864 marks. Funds for renovation were provided by industrialist Fritz Thyssen. Adolf Hitler actively participated in re-design and decoration. Early Hitler biographer, Konrad Heiden, claims that it was during the renovation of the Brown House, that Hitler "for the first time in his life" was able to "abandon himself to his passion for building and designing." It officially opened on 1 January 1931, which is when the Party leadership moved into the building. Brown Haus was destroyed by Allied bombing raids during the Second World War.

NSDAP HQ (Braunes Haus) Donation Receipt

PriceFrom $5.00
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