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Charming postcard (photo by Heinrich Hoffmann) depicting the Führer and Bernile Nienau - a 7 years old girl who was Führer's dear child-friend for six years between 1933-1938. 


Brief story of Adolf Hitler and Bernile Nienau:

They met on April 20, 1933 when Bernile and her mother came to greet Hitler on his birthday in Obersalzberg. She was in the front of the crowd and was chosen to be among a few visitors to visit Hitler in his residence. It was her birthday on that day as well (born on Apil 20, 1926). 

Hitler got to really like her and referred to her as his "sweetheart". Bernie would continue writing letters to him (17 survived till today) and visiting him at Berghof. Already in 1933 Hitler knew Bernie's maternal grandmother and mother were Jewish, but it didn't discourage him from welcoming her. When the news reached Bormann in 1938 however, things took a bad turn. Bernie and her mother were forbidden from ever visiting Hitler again. Heinrich Hoffman was requested to never publish any photo of the Führer and Bernie again, etc. Bernie died young at age of 17 from spinal polio. 

Adolf Hitler and "the Führer's child"

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